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Partner with us to start saving up to 90% of your infrastructure and bandwidth costs with better performance and less latency.

Crewdle is now open in closed beta for video conferencing platforms.

Discover our patented protocol

Our cutting-edge solution harnesses the power of peer-to-peer networks, delivering unprecedented performance, scalability, and remarkable cost efficiencies.

At Crewdle, we are revolutionizing the content delivery industry with our patented decentralized streaming technology, offering significant cost savings.

Crewdle: an economic advantage

Use case: managing a large-scale videoconferencing solution

Based on

Concurrent conferences
Participants in average
$ 0.0035
Cost per minute

Would result in monthly costs of

$ 1,800,000
Without Crewdle
$ 180,000
With Crewdle
Saving over $1.6 million or 90% of your costs.

While experiencing better scalability and sustainability, all without compromising quality.

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Added benefits

Quality and performance with the Crewdle Protocol

Quality & performance

Our network protocol assures smooth performance with speeds reaching the average latency of less than 100ms.

Eco friendliness with the Crewdle Protocol


By removing power-hungry servers and connecting you efficiently with others, we can cut down our eqCO2 & energy consumption.

Secure and private with the Crewdle Protocol

Secure & private

Zero trust communication for utmost confidentiality and protection with robust end-to-end encryption.

Discover the patent protected protocol

Our impact on the environment

Since launching Crewdle, our network protocol has directly helped the planet

To this day, we saved:

The Crewdle Protocol already helped the environment!

10 t

of eqCO2

That's the equivalent to driving over

595,856 km!

The Crewdle Protocol already helped the environment!

193 m3

of water

The equivalent of

1,182 showers!

The Crewdle Protocol already helped the environment!

20 MWh

of energy

The consumption of an entire household for

110.9 months!

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Crewdle's desktop interface with four professionals in a meeting.Crewdle's mobile interface with two friends talking.
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Witness the power of the Crewdle Network protocol
It has powered more than 2M minutes of real-time video!
Crewdle Connect combines the power of our revolutionary Crewdle protocol with a focus on privacy, encryption, and sustainability. Try Crewdle Connect today and enjoy the benefits of a private, encrypted, and environmentally friendly video conferencing solution.
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