Crewdle App on Outlook Calendar

Install the Crewdle App in Outlook Calendar and schedule, organize, and send invitations for a Crewdle meeting right in the event you create.

Simply click the button below to install the Crewdle app in Outlook Calendar.

Add to Outlook Calendar

How it works?

Install Crewdle in Outlook Calendar

You can install the Crewdle App for Outlook Calendar using the link above or by searching for Crewdle in the add-in store right from Outlook.

You will then be prompted to grant access to start using Crewdle inside Outlook Calendar.

Once this is done, the Crewdle App for Outlook Calendar will appear inside of your Outlook Calendar events.

Adding a meeting link

Once you have installed the Crewdle App in Outlook Calendar, you can start inserting a Crewdle meeting link in your events.

To add your first meeting link, click on the Crewdle logo in the toolbar of your event and click on Add a meeting.

This will generate a new Crewdle ad hoc meeting link and insert it in your Outlook Calendar event. When the time comes, guests simply have to click Join Crewdle to join the meeting.

Connect your Crewdle account

The first time you want to add a Crewdle meeting link in one of your events in Outlook Calendar, you will be asked to log in. This step is required to link your Outlook Calendar account with your Crewdle account.

When trying to insert your first Crewdle meeting link, a new window will open. Simply log into your account and the window will close.

You will now be able to add a new Crewdle meeting link and it will now appear in your event and the people you invited will be able to join your Crewdle meeting at the appointed time.

Enjoy the Crewdle App on Outlook Calendar!

Add to Outlook Calendar

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