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About Crewdle

At Crewdle, by leveraging Peer-to-Peer technologies, we are able to provide a videoconference platform at a price significantly lower than other solutions while providing a service that is more reliable, more private and more secure.

Why use Crewdle?

Crewdle is easy to use

Easy to use

Our focus has been on developing a user friendly interface that everyone can master.

We want to make it easy for any business to run their meetings online, from team meetings to client presentations.

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Crewdle is affordable


We want to make sure any business can afford to have a great virtual meetings platform.

Our unique technology stack is based on Peer-to-Peer, which allows us to provide you a more reliable service at a lower cost.

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Crewdle is affordable
Crewdle is private and secure

Private and secure

With our end-to-end encryption, not only our service is more secure but it is also more private.

Because we use Peer-to-Peer technologies, your data and your stream doesn't go through a server. This allows us to provide you with a more private service.

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Crewdle comment

"The quality of the call is impressive, and the platform is simple to use while being secure."

Michel Salmon - Lumas

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