We take sustainability seriously.

The environment was just the beginning.
It now goes far beyond that.

What we bring to the table for a more sustainable earth

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We maximize the use of current infrastructures
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We reduce server usage to reduce pollution
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We plant trees

We are already making an impact

Our pledge

Guided by the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we actively contribute to 6 of these objectives today, steering towards a sustainable future.

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United Nations sustainable development goals clean water and sanitation

Reducing clean water waste

Large data centers can consume staggering amounts of water for cooling down the servers. Crewdle Mist services help avoid such extensive water consumption by connecting devices directly, contributing to the UN's goal of clean water and sanitation.

United Nations sustainable development goals industry, innovation and infrastructure

Maximizing Current Infrastructure

As global data consumption grows, Crewdle leverages existing infrastructure, preventing the need for resource-intensive new installations. This approach not only conserves resources but also resonates with the UN's emphasis on sustainable infrastructure and innovation.

United Nations sustainable development goals sustainable cities and communities

Strengthening Urban Resilience

Crewdle's decentralized data approach ensures resilience. Even during power outages, our system ensures more individuals stay connected, embodying the UN's aspiration for sustainable cities and communities.

United Nations sustainable development goals responsible consumption and production

Promoting Sustainable Resource Consumption

By making the most of what we have, we negate the need for additional rare earth materials and the consequent deforestation, championing the UN's focus on sustainable consumption.

United Nations sustainable development goals Life on land

Conserving Nature

We actively combat deforestation by using pre-existing infrastructure. Our proactive measures like tree-planting highlight our commitment to the UN's mission to safeguard our planet's ecosystems.

United Nations sustainable development goals Partnerships for goals

Championing Digital Privacy

Digital privacy is paramount for us. By avoiding centralized infrastructure, we fortify data security and sovereignty, mirroring the cooperative ethos of the UN's 17th goal.

Our carbon footprint

Our long term vision

At Crewdle, we're reimagining the way the digital world connects. By harnessing the collective power of connected users and devices, we not only reduce the strain on servers but also promote a decentralized approach to data sharing. In collaboration with both individuals and large corporations, we aim to create a balanced digital ecosystem where everyone plays a pivotal role.

While some remote areas of our planet face challenges with connectivity due to aging or less efficient infrastructures, Crewdle is stepping in with a solution.

By optimizing the potential of current equipment, we pave the way for enhanced educational access and stimulate economic growth.

Join us, whether you're an individual or a multinational corporation, in our mission to reshape digital access and bridge informational gaps.

Together with Crewdle, let's ensure information flows in a way that uplifts and empowers all.

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Better access to education
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Economic growth
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Reducing inequalities

Caring for the planet goes hand-in-hand
with respecting your privacy.

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