At Crewdle, we care about your privacy

Our technology is built from the ground up with privacy in mind. 

Not the other way around.

Traditional networks

Conventional server models are often designed to continuously monitor, store, and in some cases, monetize user data through sales to third-party entities. This approach to data collection poses significant concerns regarding user privacy and the sovereignty of their information.

Our solution

Crewdle takes a different approach with its decentralized, serverless architecture. In this model, your data is securely encrypted from end to end and transmitted directly between users and devices, bypassing traditional server storage. This method ensures that no data is retained or sold, offering superior privacy and control over data sovereignty. Importantly, this design is such that even we at Crewdle cannot access your information.

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Added benefits

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We don’t listen, store or sell your data

Crewdle's privacy-centric design means your data isn't stored or shared, ensuring it remains exclusively yours.

Serverless communication

Not relying on servers

With a decentralized data framework, we significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks, providing a safer and more secure user experience.

Server sovereignty

We care about data sovereignty

By establishing direct connections, we ensure your data takes the most direct path, upholding data sovereignty.

Our technology not only respects your privacy.
It’s also sustainable.

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