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The Genesis

In the spring of 2020, an eye-opening article on the environmental impact of video streaming ignited a spark in Vincent Lamanna, co-founder of Crewdle. The world, grappling with a global pandemic, was heavily dependent on digital communication, leading Vincent to ponder its environmental and financial costs. Driven by this insight, he envisioned a decentralized approach to digital communication.

Vincent quickly created a proof of concept for a decentralized communication protocol. This innovation laid the groundwork for what would evolve into Crewdle Connect, offering a secure and eco-friendly solution for video conferencing. However, the potential of this technology extended far beyond video calls.

Crewdle Connect became the catalyst for developing a comprehensive mist computing platform. This platform, emerging from the roots of a decentralized communication solution, was envisioned to revolutionize not just video conferencing but various digital interactions across industries. By harnessing decentralized computing, Crewdle aims to optimize digital infrastructures, reducing costs, enhancing security, and minimizing environmental impacts, thus redefining the landscape of digital solutions.

Meet the executives

Vincent Lamanna
Chief Executive Officer
Pierre Campeau
Pierre Campeau
Chief Financial Officer
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Mikaël-Alexandre Pouliot
Mikaël-Alexandre Pouliot
Chief Technology Officer

Our vision

Leading the future
with sustainable computing

At Crewdle, we are at the forefront of innovation, committed to shaping a future where advanced computing technologies and sustainability go hand in hand.

Our approach is grounded in developing solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also environmentally responsible. By harnessing the power of mist computing, we're creating a digital ecosystem that reduces the environmental footprint, optimizes resource usage, and offers scalable, efficient, and secure computing experiences.

We believe that the future of technology is not just about more power and speed; it's about smarter, more sustainable choices that benefit both businesses and the planet.

Why the name Crewdle?

The name Crewdle draws its inspiration from the concept of a "crew", symbolizing a cohesive unit embarking on a collective journey.

In the sphere of mist computing, where the power and capabilities of the network are intrinsically tied to the collective strength and participation of its individual nodes, this name resonates deeply.

Crewdle stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives mist computing, highlighting the interdependent nature of its components and the shared commitment to advancing this innovative technology.

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