We are Crewdle.

Revolutionizing Digital Interactions Through Peer-to-Peer Technologies

The Genesis

In Spring 2020, an article detailing the alarming environmental toll of video streaming sparked an idea in the mind of Vincent Lamanna, Crewdle's co-founder. At the height of a global pandemic, our reliance on digital communication had never been more evident, but at what cost?

It was this question that led Vincent to explore the possibility of a serverless solution. Leveraging his expertise in IT, he quickly developed a proof of concept for a peer-to-peer communication protocol—what would later become Crewdle Connect. More than just a secure and green alternative for videoconferencing, this protocol hinted at a transformative way to optimize existing digital infrastructures.

Meet the executives

Vincent Lamanna
Chief Executive Officer
Pierre Campeau
Pierre Campeau
Chief Financial Officer
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Mikaël-Alexandre Pouliot
Mikaël-Alexandre Pouliot
Chief Technology Officer

Our vision

Redefining how we connect, sustainably

Crewdle is not merely a tool for video communications. It's an entire digital ecosystem that minimizes reliance on servers, making digital interactions more secure, eco-friendly, and efficient. No software to download; it's user-friendly by design.

Our technology also aligns with efforts to mitigate climate change through responsible technology use, fulfilling a need for sustainability in the digital age.

Why 'Crewdle'?

The name Crewdle is inspired by the word "crew": a unified team, committed to a shared adventure. In the realm of peer-to-peer communication, the network's strength is directly proportional to the strength of its peers—hence, the name.

As we've all navigated the challenges of a global pandemic, the name Crewdle serves as a call to action. It's a reminder that, whether we are working remotely or keeping in touch with loved ones, we have the power to choose the impact we leave on the world.

Join Us in Making a Sustainable Impact

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