We are Crewdle.

We set out to redefine virtual communications by leveraging peer-to-peer technologies

How it all started

It all started in the Spring of 2020 by reading an article on the disastrous environmental impacts of video streaming. In the midst of a global pandemic, video conferencing and video calling platforms usage exploded, whether to keep in touch with our loved ones or for remote work. The same goes for TV on demand. Habits have changed and that general trend is here to stay.

This realization prompted Vincent Lamanna, co-founder of Crewdle, to ask himself if it was possible to eliminate servers in a video conferencing solution, because it's the servers that are responsible for all this pollution.

Vincent found the solution in peer-to-peer communication technologies. Thanks to his expertise in IT, his exploration quickly yielded a successful proof of concept. Eliminating servers also reinforces the security and privacy of communications because data streams are always decrypted on servers, which allows big corporations in that market to sell your data at great profit for targeted ads, for example.

In the middle the COVID-19 pandemic and in the context of increased use of both intrusive and polluting video conference and video call apps, Vincent partnered with Pierre Campeau to create Crewdle, the most secure and green video conferencing solution out there.

If this global pandemic taught us anything, it's that being resilient and our capacity to adapt help us become better. That is at the heart of our vision.

Meet the executives

Vincent Lamanna
Chief Executive Officer
Pierre Campeau
Chief Financial Officer
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Mikaël-Alexandre Pouliot
Chief Technology Officer

Our vision

Revolutionize virtual communications. Simply.

Crewdle offers a serverless digital ecosystem that is secure, simple and sustainable to connect and collaborate through video conferencing and video calls.

In other words, Crewdle removed the servers that interfere between the participants of a video communication, thus making it more secure, greener and more affordable. It's easy to use and there is no software to download.

In the process, Crewdle contributes to the fight against climate change through the conscious use of technologie.

For individuals and businesses who want to do things differently and simple, Crewdle is the perfect solution.

Creating solutions. Together.

Crewdle is inspired from "crew": a team that sticks together through hard times, a pack that shares an amazing adventure.

In the world of peer-to-peer communications, the strength of a network lies in the peers, hence the reference to a crew.

For Crewdle's cofounders, we're all in the same boat since the global COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Glued to our screens, remote working  or simply keeping in touch with our families, loved ones and friends, our habits have changed without us always realizing the impact. To change things and make a difference, we needed a name that calls for action, for being part of something greater.

Help us save the planet, one conversation at a time

Glued to our screens, remote working or simply keeping in touch with our families, loved ones and friends, our habits have changed without us always realizing the impact. By being part of something greater, we can choose the impact we want to have.