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Introducing the first mist computing platform, extending cloud services at the extreme edge. The right solution for high-volume data workloads, ensuring low latency and prioritizing data privacy and sovereignty.

Our Web SDK is now available in Beta. Save on your cloud spending with mist computing in just a few minutes.

Discover Mist Computing

Mist computing is a technology that enables data processing directly on devices, enhancing real-time decision-making and data security.

Real-Time Data Processing

Process and analyze data instantly, ensuring real-time responses and decisions for applications ranging from smart devices to high-traffic web services.

Local Edge Computing

Leverage the power of local computing to reduce latency and minimize bandwidth usage, bringing processing capabilities closer to the data source, reducing environmental impact.

Integrates with Existing Cloud Services

Extend your existing cloud services to the extreme edge. This integration allows for a smooth connection, enabling you to leverage the mist alongside your current cloud solutions to reduce your overall spending.

Enhanced Security

Maintain the security and sovereignty of your data with localized processing and storage. Our platform ensures compliance with data sovereignty regulations, keeping your information securely within regional boundaries.

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Our products

A unified platform to extend the cloud to the mist

Reduce costs, minimize latency, enhance privacy, and innovate your network architecture with a fully integrated platform. Extend cloud capabilities to the mist, and transform your connectivity paradigms.

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Streamline real-time messaging and file sharing

Resolve real-time communication delays, handle scaling challenges in dynamic systems, and ensure direct and secure data exchanges.

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Object Storage

Supercharge your data storage needs

Efficiently manage high-volume data, adapt to changing storage requirements, maintain robust security and accessibility, all while reducing costs on read operations.

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Key-Value Database

Accelerate access and optimize data handling

Efficiently manage fast-changing data sets, effortlessly scale to meet diverse application demands, and guarantee rapid, secure data retrieval.

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Built for developers by developers

Extend your stack to the extreme edge in minutes

Streamline your development with Crewdle Mist services. We navigate the complexities of decentralized, edge-level computing and data handling so your team can focus on building innovative solutions on a single, integrated platform. Save valuable engineering time by leveraging our platform, enabling you to extend and enhance your cloud services effortlessly.

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A paradigm shift powered by our patented technology

Our impact on the environment

Since launching Crewdle, our technology has helped save

14 t of eqCO2

The equivalent of driving 20 times around the earth

271 m3  of water

The equivalent of daily showers for 4.5 years

29 MWh of energy

The consumption of an entire household for 13.4 years