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Connecting you directly to each other

By connecting us directly to each other, Crewdle eliminates the need for servers and allows streams to travel the shortest distance possible while using the least amount of energy.

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How are your video calls impacting the planet?

Ever wondered what the environmental impact of your online meeting might be? Fill in the details below to estimate what the CO2 output could be.

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Trusted by more than 200,000 users worldwide

Five star rating

"Brilliant - cant believe it hasn't been done before"

"Other than the obvious that it has a far lower carbon footprint and is entirely secure, I love how easy it is for anyone to use, helping eliminate the fear of the unknown when they are invited to a Crewdle meeting for the first time."

Kat E - Client carbon manager

G2 reviewer
Five star rating

"Excellent alternative to big corps"

"Fully encrypted, high-quality video and sound, less polluting than the rest, easy to use, free to use or very cheap plans, not belonging to big tech giants that manipulate your data and sell it to make extra profit without you knowing about that. Privacy is protected."

User in Non-Profit Organization Management

G2 reviewer
Five star rating

"The greenest, most eco-friendly video conference solution"

"This helps me reduce my carbon-footprint and contributes to my effort to reverse global warming and save the planet."

Francis D - Coach & Mentor

G2 reviewer

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Integrate with your existing tools

Crewdle integrates with the most popular and trusted tools such as Slack, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
Add the Crewdle apps to your favorite tools for a simple and seamless workflow.

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