Key-Value database

The Key-Value Database service, currently available in beta, is designed to offer a highly efficient and scalable way to manage data for various applications.

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Key Features

The Crewdle Mist Key-Value Database service delivers an innovative, performance-driven data management solution, seamlessly blending with modern cloud infrastructures. By adopting a decentralized model, it reshapes data storage and retrieval processes, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising on data integrity and speed of access.

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  • Key-Value DatabaseThe key-value structure simplifies data management, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from caching to session storage.

  • Efficient Data Syncing
    Leverages the available bandwidth of the mist cluster to ensure low-latency, streamlined replication of key-value pairs across the network.

  • Optimized for Edge Computing
    Enables the capability of processing data on the same node that stores it, ensuring efficient, localized handling of key-value pairs.

  • Cloud IntegrationSeamless integration with Amazon Web Services DynamoDB, Google Cloud Firestore, and Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB.

Use Cases

Optimized for speed and reliability, this Key-Value Database service is crafted to facilitate a variety of data management needs in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Session Storage

Ideal for managing user session information in web applications, the service provides a reliable and efficient way to store and retrieve session data. This capability is crucial for maintaining user state and preferences across web sessions, enhancing the overall user experience with faster load times and personalized interactions.

Application Caching

Enhance application performance by utilizing the service as a cache layer, effectively reducing the operational burden on primary databases. This approach speeds up data retrieval, as frequently accessed information is stored closer to the application, leading to quicker response times and a more efficient use of resources.

Real-Time Data Handling

Built for applications demanding real-time data processing and analysis, this service excels in scenarios where immediate data computation and insights are crucial. It facilitates the rapid analysis of incoming data streams, enabling applications to instantly process, interpret, and act upon data as it's received.

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This service is free while in Beta, the full pricing will be announced before the official release.