Object storage

The Object Storage service, currently available in beta, offers a robust solution for managing and storing large volumes of temporary data with ease. Designed for flexibility and security, it adapts to varying storage requirements while ensuring efficient and cost-effective data access, suitable for a wide range of ephemeral storage needs.

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Key Features

The Crewdle Mist Object Storage presents a highly efficient and secure data storage solution, perfectly integrating with existing cloud environments. Utilizing a decentralized approach, it optimizes temporary data storage operations, significantly cutting costs while maintaining high standards of data security and accessibility.

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  • Object StorageA versatile storage where data is organized in a flexible system, allowing for storing and retrieval without complex structures.

  • Efficient Data Syncing
    Leverages the available bandwidth of the mist cluster to ensure low-latency, streamlined replication of objects across the network.

  • Offline AvailabilityEnsures continuous access to stored data, even without an active internet connection, through a system designed for reliable local data retrieval.

  • Cloud IntegrationSeamless integration with Amazon Web Services S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Use Cases

Tailored for efficiency and security, this service is designed to support a wide range of storage applications in today's data-driven environment.

Storage for High-Volume Workloads

Ideal for managing short-term, large-scale data needs, such as temporary web application data or IoT device outputs. Efficiently handles data spikes, ensuring smooth operation.

Large Media File Temporary Storage

Suited for the temporary storage of substantial media files like images, videos, and audio, ensuring they are managed and accessed with ease.

Optimized File transfer for Collaboration

Built as an efficient platform for temporarily storing and sharing large files among teams, especially useful in collaborative projects requiring quick, secure file exchange and synchronization.

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This service is free while in Beta, the full pricing will be announced before the official release.