The Pub/Sub service, currently available in beta, provides a solution for event-driven communication and real-time messaging, with additional functionality for file transfer. This service is designed to be dynamic and scalable, catering to various data handling needs.

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Key Features

The Crewdle Mist Pub/Sub offers a completely decentralized publish/subscribe service that seamlessly integrates with existing cloud solutions. By utilizing the mist approach, it significantly reduces cloud-related spendings, enhancing efficiency in cloud data management.

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  • Publish/Subscribe PatternA decoupled architecture where messages can be published to specific topics or subscribed from these topics, without knowing each other.

  • Low LatencyMessages are delivered with minimal latency through a dynamic routing system that efficiently utilizes local network connections.

  • Large PayloadsSupport for large payloads, text and file, employing automated chunking in the background for streamlined data handling.

  • Cloud IntegrationSeamless integration with Amazon Web Services SNS and AppSync, Google PubSub, and Microsoft Azure Web PubSub.

Use Cases

This feature-rich service is designed to cater to a variety of applications, from simple message passing to complex data and file distribution scenarios.

Dynamic Event-Driven Systems

Ideal for environments where actions are initiated by specific events, such as automated alert systems or process triggers in operational workflows.

Data Processing

Suited for situations requiring immediate data analysis and processing, such as live data monitoring, statistical computations, and immediate feedback systems.

File Sharing and Data Distribution

Built for secure and efficient file transfers between various systems or users, making it suitable for collaborative work environments, content distribution networks, and large-scale data exchange platforms.

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This service is free while in Beta, the full pricing will be announced before the official release.