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Crewdle Launches New Major Version of its Secure, Green, Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing Platform

Crewdle adds event recording, live-streaming and broadcasting to social media platforms, increased number of participants, and new streamlined user interface 


  • Montreal start-up advances peer-to-peer (P2P) video communications technology innovation to new heights
  • Crewdle continues to lead the serverless revolution with secure, end-to-end encryption for up to 30 participants, while protecting intellectual property and privacy integrity.
  • Crewdle stays green. Eliminates the need for power-hungry servers, allowing streams to travel the shortest distance possible, resulting in lowered overall carbon emissions.
  • Adds recording, live-streaming and broadcasting to social media platforms.
  • Revamped and intuitive interface matches user experience with server-based video conferencing applications — integrates with calendar and productivity tools.

MONTRÉAL, QUEBEC—September 14, 2021—Crewdle, a Montreal-based technology start-up, today released the latest major version of its peer-to-peer (P2P) based video calls and conferencing service that offers consumers and businesses a valuable alternative to how they connect and collaborate. Founded on its mission to innovate and leverage P2P technology for secure, green, and simple video calls and conferencing, Crewdle delivers new features, increased participant hosting (up to 30), and an optimized user interface. Crewdle is available now for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and individual users who care about their privacy and want to make a difference by reducing their environmental footprint. Crewdle is also available via the AppDirect Network Catalog.

The shift towards remote work over the last year and the global workforce’s plans to return to a hybrid-office work model post-pandemic is irreversible. The standardization and reliance on video streaming platforms in both offices and homes is paramount in continuing professional activities along with other social video interactions. Crewdle offers businesses an intelligent alternative to server-based collaborative communications with its P2P model—not only providing encrypted and secure connections, but also a reduced environmental footprint caused by giant server facilities.

“Video conferencing and virtual group meetings today are just as much of an integrated part of our work and personal life as mobile phones, texting, and social media. Crewdle is different by offering a more secure, green, and easy-to-use alternative,” said Vincent Lamanna, Co-founder and CEO of Crewdle.  “This new version gives businesses and consumers an encrypted, flexible, and feature-rich user experience for collaborating and webcasting—while keeping the planet green,” added Lamanna. 

New features in Crewdle allow users to record meetings and events locally and via the cloud, that can be saved securely for on-demand sharing and archiving. One of the most notable innovations in peer-to-peer technology today is Crewdle’s live-streaming feature. Users can produce a live-feed directly to social media networks including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. Discover all the new Crewdle features here

The latest version of Crewdle is available now free of charge with some time (maximum duration of 45 minutes) and certain features (ex.: recording) restrictions; subscription-based packages are also offered to SMBs and individual users. It is also available via the AppDirect Network Catalog and through its vast network of AppSmart professional advisors. Crewdle works in popular desktop browsers and is optimized for Safari (iOS), and for Chrome (Android), and can be integrated with Google Calendar, Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar, and Slack.

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About Crewdle

Crewdle develops extensible distributed technologies that transform how businesses and individuals collaborate and meet remotely, offering secure, green, and easy to use video communication tools. Founded in 2020 in Montreal, Canada, Crewdle proves that peer-to-peer (P2P) communication technology offers a secure environment by removing servers between users while meeting online. The result is a sustainable digital ecosystem that is more private and respectful of the environment. | Facebook | LinkedIn


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