Crewdle offers a wide range of simple and effective features in a user-friendly interface.

That's nothing less than a small revolution in the way of making video conferences and video calls.

Personal ID room

Create your own personal meeting room on Crewdle by claiming your personal ID. When creating a personal ID room, you will receive a short URL with your personal ID. Share that link and for people to easily reach you. Meet your contacts in your personalized room or join a contact's room in one click!

Ad-hoc meetings

From your dashboard or one of our integrations, easily create new ad hoc meetings and invite the people you want. Ad hoc meetings are useful to create unique meeting rooms with a dynamic link that's easy to copy and share.

Invite participants

Invite other participants using dynamic links that will open the meeting room either in a browser (for desktop computer or mobile device) or in our mobile application installed on iOS or Android.

Screen sharing

Want to share your screen to show something to the other participants? Making a presentation to your colleagues? Crewdle makes it easy to share a tab from your browser, an application or your entire screen to the other participants.

Live Streams

Live streams allow you to watch your favorite show, movie, event or concert live with the other participants. You all get to watch and hear the same stream together. The most exciting is being able to interact among each other at the same time!


While on a call, you can use our chat to send messages to the other participants or to share a link. The text chat uses peer-to-peer technologies as well meaning they are also sent without using a server. Everything is encrypted from end-to-end, meaning completely secure, private and confidential.

Room controls

As a host, Crewdle gives you superpowers. You can decide the level of security you want for when participants join your meeting room. You can also decide who can share their screen and invite other participants.

User management

Right from your business account, create an organization to regroup your colleagues collaborators. You can then manage users in your business account.

Invite new users to join your account and decide which role they have.

Video & Audio controls

Activating or deactivating your camera or microphone is sometimes complicated. Not with Crewdle! No more muted mics.

You can also configure the source you want your camera or your microphone to be captured from.


We know you probably have your own favorite tools you like to use daily. That's why we are committed to build integrations with these tools.

Use the Crewdle integration for Google Calendar and Slack to plan your meetings and make them happen simply.
More are soon coming.

Social logins

If you don't want to enter an email and a password for Crewdle, that's not an issue at all. We make it easy to create an account or log in to your account using your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts.

Crewdle mobile apps

Crewdle is available on all platforms. Access it on the web using your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, the Crewdle is now available to install on your tablet or phone on both iOS and Android - but only if you want to.

Visit the App Store or Google Play.

Open your Crewdle account, it's free!

Help us save the planet, one conversation at a time.

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