The smarter way to do your videoconferences

By removing the power-hungry servers from our virtual communications, Crewdle has developed a unique platform that is truly respectful of the environment.

Every conversation makes a difference

Since its founding in 2020, Crewdle users have already made a significant difference.
To this day, together we saved
0 kg of eqCO2
The equivalent of a 0 km drive!
0 L of water
The equivalent of 0 showers!
0 kWh of energy
The consumption of an entire household for 0 months!
Absorbing those emissions would have required planting 0 trees!

If offsetting carbon emissions is a positive step, shouldn't we focus on the causes of our carbon emissions and reduce them?

The first carbon-neutral video communication service provider worldwide

Crewdle obtained a carbon neutral certification by choosing to invest in Gold Standard carbon-credits from, the Canadian non-profit leader in the fight against climate change.

Thanks to their commitment to making a difference through reduced carbon emissions and environmental footprint, the Crewdle founders and their team not only contribute to a greener future, but also to Montreal's reputation as a thriving international hub of start-ups and businesses.

Be part of the solution and help save the planet, one conversation at a time