The peer-to-peer difference

At Crewdle, we have developed a unique peer-to-peer technology that allows us to remove the servers that interfere in our virtual communications. 

Result? A platform that is truly secure and also respectful of the environment.

More proximity

Streams usually travel great distances. In most cases, even if we are not that far apart when talking with our friends, our family or our co-workers, our stream as to travel 10 to 20 times the distance separating us. Servers are often located in another country, and sometimes even on the other side of the world.

With Crewdle,

By connecting you directly with others, we can reduce the distance traveled by the streams that allow us to communicate. This leads to a connection that is more fluid, more performant and also better for our environment.

Video streaming servers are major polluters

Servers are responsible for almost all of the carbon emissions of our virtual communications.

They produce up to
1kg of CO
per hour of use
per participant
And use up to
12L of freshwater
per hour of use
per participant

Security and privacy

Platforms using servers

In a video communication, all streams are directed to the server which then redirects them to the participants. Even though the big corporations claim that their services are secure, they all work the same way: the streams are not encrypted when they are on their servers. They keep that in the fine print!

With Crewdle,

By connecting you directly with others, we can ensure end-to-end security of your communications. This means that no third party, human or robot, can listen to your conversations or decrypt them. Your data will not be stolen or sold. Your privacy is respected.

A unique experience

Working entirely within your browser, Crewdle offers a very simple solution. Nothing to download or install on your computer. The Crewdle mobile app is light and easy to use.

By removing the servers, the user experience is better. Less interference and lagging. A better quality of sound and image. More affordable business solutions.

In addition to its simplicity, the quality of experience and a positive impact on the environment, Crewdle offers a highly secure and confidential environment.

Yes. Crewdle is the new way to do virtual communications.