Release notes



Bug fixes

  • Initial connection would sometime fail when multiple participants connect at the same time
  • Back camera would show black screen on Android



Bug fixes

  • Camera and microphone would sometime stay on after a meeting
  • Room settings would sometime get reset to default settings
  • Improved support on some browsers



New features

  • Outlook Calendar Add-in
  • Sign in with Microsoft
  • Support for Safari running on Apple M1


  • Credit card is no longer required to start a trial
  • Leave call button is visible when waiting for the host

Bug fixes

  • Layout issues on the home screen
  • Better handling of disconnection
  • Log out now brings back to login screen
  • In Slack, call would show ended after one participant leaves
  • Echo in some of the calls
  • Proper handling of error when a room ID is not available
  • Upgrade button is not visible on home screen
  • Cannot update the name of an organization
  • Cannot update own email or name
  • Missing organization name in user invite in French
  • Reverse camera on mobile
  • Proper handling of users who sign in anonymously using Apple
  • Autofill shows up for the address in the checkout form



Bug fixes

  • Adding support for iPad using iPadOS



Bug fixes

  • Microphone permissions are not requested on iOS

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