Crewdle App on Slack

Install the Crewdle app for Slack and start Crewdle meetings with your colleagues spontaneously directly from one of your Slack channels.

Simply click the button below to install the Crewdle App on Slack.

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How it works?

Install Crewdle in your Slack workspace

After you click the button above, you will be asked to grant access permissions to Crewdle for parts of your Slack account information. Click on the Allow button to grant this access.

You will then be redirected to the Crewdle website to finalize the connection between your Slack workspace and Crewdle.

Once this is done, the Crewdle App on Slack will appear inside of your Slack workspace.

Members of your workspace will then need to individually link their Slack account with their Crewdle account. This can be done in one of two ways.
1. By clicking on the Connect button that will appear on the Slack home screen, or
2. Launching Crewdle with the control commands before connecting your account.

Getting to know the App

Now that the Crewdle App is installed in your Slack workspace and that you have linked your accounts, you can start using Crewdle inside Slack by typing the available slash commands.

This command will start a new meeting in the channel you use the command.

/crewdle me
This command will start a new meeting using your personal ID room.

/crewdle [personal ID]
This command will start a new meeting using the personal ID room you specify. Remember that you must insert the personal ID of the user in question.

Calling on Slack using Crewdle

Once you've typed your first slash command, a new Slack call will appear in your channel just like a normal Slack call would appear.

Members of your channel can simply click on the Join button to join the call on Crewdle.

Enjoy the Crewdle App on Slack!

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